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  • Keep a tulsi plant at the entrance of the house. It absorbs negative energies and increases positive energy in the surrounding. It should be kept in the east direction but can also be placed near the window in the north or north-east.
  • Do not keep open shoe stand at the entrance of the house. It only attracts negative energies in the house, resulting in an imbalance of harmony in the house. Ideal directions for placing a shoe rack is the west or south-west corner. Please ensure you do not place it in the north, south-east and east directions.
  • You should not sleep with the head in North. Origin of Magnetic field on earth are from North and our head donates north. If we sleep with our head in north we face sleepless nights and blood disorder problems.
  • The doors and windows in north and east direction should be bigger than that of south and west direction. You should also avoid having windows in the southwest direction.
  • Wall clocks should always be in working condition. They should be placed in the east, west and north wall of the house. Keeping the wall clock in this direction helps in getting new opportunities and enables work to be done without any problems. Avoid green wall clocks, they may take away opportunities.
  • Keep heavy furniture alongside south and west walls, whereas light furniture should be kept adjacent to north and east walls. Try using more wooden furniture as they do not emit harmful gases like plastic furniture. Metal furniture should also be avoided as they create an electromagnetic field around us, which leads to an increase in negativity.
  • Nameplate of the house should be neat and clean. A shiny nameplate attracts opportunities. It also defines the lifestyle of the person living in the house and creates the first impression.
  • Main door not only allows you and your guests in the house it is also the gateway for energy. It should always be very prominent and bigger than the rest of the doors in the house. It should be made of wood and placed in the north, north-east, east, or west, as these directions are considered auspicious.
  • Bhramasthan or the centre point of the building, should be free from any obstructions like a pillar, beam, stairs or any heavy load for prosperity. Corruption in bhramasthan is directly proportional to the loss of wealth and health.
  • Northeast is the origin of positive energies, so it should be open, light and neat whereas southwest is the storage for all such energies so it should be heavy and closed. The best solution for this is to keep south and west walls higher and thicker than those in north and east.