Astro Udhayam

Palm Reading

Heart Line

Basic Heart Line Meanings:
Long Line: Idealistic, Dependent on partner
Short Line: Self-centered
Deep Line: Stressful
Faint Line: Sensitive Nature, Weak Heart
Straight Line: Intense Feelings
Curved Line: Intellectual Bent
Broken Line: Troubled relationships
Chained Line: Intertwined relationships, Karmic relationships
Forked Line: Heartbreak, Divorce
Absent Line: Ruthlessness, Logic rules the heart Head Line

Head Line

Basic Head Line Meanings: • Long Line: Ambitious • Short Line: Intelligent, Intuitive • Deep Line: Excellent Memory • Faint Line: Poor Memory • Straight Line: Materialistic • Broken Line: Disappointment • Chained Line: Mental Confusion • Forked Line: Career Change • Double Line: Talented, Inspired by a Muse • Absent Line: Laziness, Mental Imbalance

Life Line

Basic Life Line Meanings: • Long Line: Good Health, Vitality • Short Line: It is a myth that a short life line means a short life. If the life line is short, look closer to other signs (broken, deep, faint, etc.) • Deep Line: Smooth Life • Faint Line: Low energy • Broken Line: Struggles, Losses • Chained Line: Multiple Walks (meaning that your life path is multifold) • Forked Line: Various meanings depending on fork placement on the hand. Generally forks indicate diversion or life change. Although they can also mean scattered or split energies. • Double Line: Partner with Soul Mate, or there is someone near (friend or family member) that serves as a guardian or caretaker. • Absent Line: Anxious, Nervous

Fate Line

Basic Meaning of Fate Line • Absent Line: Preplanned Life • Deep Line: Inheritance • Faint Line: Failures, Disappointments • Forked Line: Conflict or Dual Destiny • Jagged Line: Struggle, Indecisiveness • Broken Line: Trauma, Difficult Circumstance • Chained Line: Highs and Lows Fame Line

Fame Line

Fame line gives light to the a persons fate or destiny, indicating brilliance or artistic ability enhances life purpose. Note: This line is not always present.

Love Lines

Also called "Marriage Lines" Love lines are short horizontal lines found on the side of the hand underneath the pinky. Love lines indicate the number of significant relationships there are in a lifetime. Sometimes it is easier to see these lines if you bend your pinky slightly toward your palm to see the line creases.

Children Lines

Placement: Vertical lines between pinky fingers Children lines commonly root out of marriage lines (Love Lines) indicating births that are a result of corresponding relationships.

Intuition Lines

Placement: Parallel to Life Line (either side) Intuition lines generally shadow the life line because intuition indicates keen insight into ones life.

Health Line

The life line is usually in an arc around the base of the thumb, starting between the index finger and the thumb and ending near the wrist.

Bracelets Line

Bracelets are the lines at the bend of your inner wrist It is most common to have two or three bracelets. Although, some people have only one bracelet, and having four or more is possible. More bracelets indicate a longer life, broken bracelets indicate ill health or lowering of chi energies (Its the basic circulating energy of life).